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The Best On-Line Timetable
Look up current train schedules for all of Europe on the DB (German National Railway) timetable. This site, besides schedules, gives a wealth of details: train numbers, intermediate stops, map of the rail route, whether a seat reservation is required, days of running, where to change trains; however, it does not give fares except for German trains. Just click on the link here that will take you to timetable query page in English.
DB All-European Railway Timetable

Brief Guide To Using
the DB Timetable
Click the link above, then follow these steps.
  • Enter in the "From" box your departure city.
  • Enter in the "To" box your destination city.
  • In the "Outward Journey" box, enter your departure date (it is easiest to use the calendar icon).
  • In the adjacent box, enter your desired departure time (use 24-hour clock format; i.e. 10am = 10:00, 1pm = 13:00, 8pm = 20:00).
  • Skip all other boxes and click the red "Search" button at the lower right-hand corner. (There is no need to fill in any of the other boxes to get schedules; for German trains only, you can get point-to-point ticket prices--then you'll need to fill in the "Travelers" section.)

Continue reading for more details and interpreting the schedules

Country Guides & Rail Maps
To see rail maps and to read about where to go, how to get there, including city overviews and train station info, just click on the text link below:

To compare different railpasses and their prices for your travel itinerary, click on the text link below:

More on the DB Timetable
  • As many cities have multiple stations, you will notice as you type in your departure city (Paris, for example) a drop-down menu will appear listing all of the train stations in Paris; however, you don't need to know the correct station for your trip--select the top entry in all caps "PARIS", and the computer will automatically choose the correct station for your rail trip (if you know the station, you can select it from the list).
  • A few seconds after clicking the "Search" button, a table of train times will appear for the travel date selected (date will be listed at the top of the table; day is listed before the month: 03.02.16 is Feb 3, 2016 not March 2, 2016). Reading across the table, the "Station/Stop" column gives the name of the departure station and below it the name of the arrival station; the "Time" column gives the departure time and below it the arrival time (in 24-hour clock format); the "Duration" column gives the overall travel time; the "Chg" column gives the number times that you have to change trains to get to your destination--look for trains with "0" changes as these are direct trains; the "Product" column gives the type of train; if a circle with an "R" in it appears to the right of the train type, this means that a seat reservation is mandatory--for more about this, see the "Details" section just below.
  • If you want earlier train departures, click on the "Earlier" button at the top of the "Time" column; if you want later departures, click on the "Later" button at the bottom of the "Time" column.
  • To find the "Details" of any of the listed connections, click the "Show Details" in the "Station/Stop" column. When the "Details" pop up, the train number will be listed under the "Products" column; and in the "Further Information" field to the right of the product column, any special information about that train, like whether it has a restaurant car, bar car or if you are allowed to bring aboard a bicycle, will be given. Most importantly, if the phrase "Subject to Compulsory Reservation" appears, it means that all point-to-point tickets come with a seat reservation, and that people with railpasses must purchase a seat reservation at an extra cost. If there is nothing listed about reservations in the comment field, seat reservations are either optional (sometimes the phrase "Reservation Optional" or "Please Reserve" will appear meaning that railpass holders can reserve a seat but are not required to--you can just board the train and look for an empty seat) or they can't be done at all (usually the case for all regional or local trains; generally, any train with a 5-digit train number can't be reserved).
  • For any selected connection, click the "Show Intermediate Stops" if you wish to see all of the stops the train will make between your departure and arrival stations.
  • Also you can click on the train number itself; this will give you the complete route of the train from beginning to end. This is useful to find out if you are getting on your desired train in mid-route; for example, if you are departing from Rome, but see that the train started in Turin four hours earlier, you should be aware that it would be quite possible for this train to get behind schedule, meaning a delayed departure from Rome (if there is another train starting from Rome close to your desired departure time, this would be a better selection). 
  • If you want to see the route of any connection plotted on a map, click the "Map View" link.
  • Between the "Show Intermediate Stops" and "Map View" links, there is a line listing the days of running for any selected train. This is helpful if you are not sure of your exact travel date.
  • To print the schedule as it appears on your screen, just hit your print button; to get a more concise format, click the "Print View" icon at the top right (just above the listing of your first connection).

Get train schedules and check the prices of point-to-point rail tickets.

Fares & Schedules

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  • All Eurail Passes allow up to 2 children (ages 4-11) to travel free with an adult traveler. 
    • Besides the Eurail Global Pass and Eurail Select Pass, there are Eurail Passes for the following countries: Austria, Benelux (Belgium, Luxembourg & Netherlands), Bulgaria, Croatia & Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Scandinavia (Denmark, Finland, Norway & Sweden), Slovakia, Spain and Sweden.
  • Other Country Passes
    • Swiss Rail Pass: All children under 16 years travel free with a parent or legal guardian.
    • France Rail Pass: up to 2 children (ages 4-11) are allowed to travel free with each adult traveler.
    • German Rail Pass: up to 2 children (ages 6-11) travel free with each adult traveler.
    • BritRail Pass: one child (ages 5-15) travels free with each adult (not applicable for BritRail Saverpasses).

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