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Italy Flexipass

This pass provides 3, 4, 5 or 8 days of unlimited rail travel to be used anytime over 1 month on the Italian national railway system. Rail tickets are cheaper in Italy than in most of Europe, but buying tickets in Italy can be confusing and time-consuming, even to rail veterans. For a few short trips, point-to-point tickets will make the most sense; but if taking several longer trips, consider the convenience of a railpass even if not saving a great deal of money. By taking care of all of your rail ticketing at home before you go, you can make the most of your precious (and always too short) vacation time. Why waste time at the train station standing in a ticket line when you could be strolling the ancient cobbles of the Roman Forum or sipping heavenly cappuccino at a cafe on the majestic San Marco Square in Venice. Seat reservations are an extra charge: they are not required (usually not even possible) for local, regional or inter-regional trains; however, they are required for all premier and long-distance trains (reservations are easy to make locally usually right up to the time of travel--so there is not any need to make them before you go if you want more flexibility). Also, international trains to France, Switzerland, Austria and Germany must be reserved. The Italy Flexipass is not valid on the private Italo trains, which run mostly between Naples, Rome, Florence and Milan or Venice. This is not a problem for pass holders as Trenitalia (the national rail company) runs these same routes at least every hour.

Questions About Rail Travel in Italy ?
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Before buying your Italy Flexipass, talk to one of our rail experts about your Italian itinerary to make sure you make the most of your precious vacation time and get the right pass for your trip. Our rail consultants have traveled extensively in Italy.
For Info or To Order Your Italy Flexipass
Just call BETS!
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Italy Flexipass Prices

Single Traveler
1st Class
Single Traveler
2nd Class
Saver1, 2
2 Adults
1st Class
Saver1, 2
2 Adults
2nd Class
Youth3, 4
Ages 12-25
2nd Class
3 days
4 days

5 days
8 days

  1. Children 4-11: 2 children are free per Adult Pass; additional children 4-11 buy Youthpasses (no child fare) -- children under 4: free.
  2. Price is per person based on two or more people traveling together; children 4-11: see child policy in footnote 1.
  3. You must be less than 26 at the time you activate your pass in Europe, but you can continue to use your pass if you turn 26 during the validity period of your pass.
  4. The Youthpass is also available in 1st cl (cost is about 23% more than the price of a 2nd-cl pass).

Pass must be validated within 6 months of purchase. Prices are in U.S. dollars, and are subject to change due to fluctuations in the dollar to euro exchange rate.

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First Trip to Italy

This two-week trip, consisting of all three-star sites, is an ideal introduction to Italy and sure to please everyone as it covers five widely different slices of Italy. The rails will take you from the splendors of Rome to the volcanic-ash preserved ruins of Pompeii; from the veritable open-air museum of the Renaissance, Florence, to the rugged coastal fishing villages of the Cinque Terre; and, of course, to one of the most unique places in the world, the seaside canal-city of Venice.

Train Travel Time
Sightseeing in Rome
Train to Pompeii
2.5 hrs (or as a day trip from Rome)
Train to Florence
4.5 hrs from Pompeii or 95 mins from Rome
6, 7
Day trip to Siena
Day trip to Pisa (add 1 day)
95 mins
1 hr
8, 9
Train to Cinque Terre
2.5 hrs
Train to Venice
6.25 hrs
Return by train to Rome
4.5 hrs

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Other Passes for Italy

If traveling to another country besides Italy, one of the following railpasses may be the best ticket for you: France & Italy; Italy & Spain; Italy & Greece; Eurail Global; or Eurail Select. Call BETS for prices and details.

Have questions? Just call BETS!
Our rail experts will gladly help you find the perfect railpass for your itinerary.

Call 800-441-2387

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For Your Information

  • Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Fiumicino) is connected to the main train station (Termini) in central Rome by the Leonardo Express (30 mins; 2 trains/hr). If your hotel is near the train station, this is the fastest way into town. Cost of this rail ticket is about $20. 
  • Paris to Italy: Many travelers ask us about rail service from Paris to Italy. There are two daily night trains from Paris: the first departs Paris at 6:52pm and arrives in Florence at 7:13am the next day and terminates in Rome at 10:12am; the second departs Paris at 8:33pm and arrives in Milan at 5:38am the next day and terminates in Venice at 9:34am. Sleeper compartments consist of doubles, triples and 4- or 6-person couchettes. These trains are often sold out, especially around holidays and in the summer months, and should be booked as early as possible (up to 90 days in advance). People with railpasses only pay the sleeper supplement.
Call BETS to book or for more information.

Also there are also two day-time trains from Paris to Milan: the first departs Paris at 7:42am and arrives in Milan at 2:50pm; the second departs at 3:24pm and at 10:25pm. Seat reservations are required. Despite the overall time of this trip, this is an enjoyable ride as it takes you through much scenic French countryside and via the French Alps into Italy to Turin and on to Milan. At Milan there is hourly train service to Venice (2.75 hrs), Florence (1.75 hrs), Lake Como (45 mins), Cinque Terre (3 hrs; change in Genoa) and Rome (3.5 hrs).

  • Getting to Sorrento (a good base for exploring the Amalfi Coast, the Isle of Capri and Pompeii): From Naples (1.5 hrs from Rome), trains operated by Circumvesuviana Rail run to Sorrento twice per hour (1hr; not valid with a railpass, but a ticket costs about $3). Catch these trains from the main station in Naples (Centrale); once in the main terminal, follow signs for "Circumvesuviana."
SITA buses run frequently from the Sorrento train station (and the ride is dramatic along the torturous Amalfi Coast) to Positano (35 mins) and Amalfi (85 mins); hydrofoils go often from the Sorrento port to Capri (20 mins); and Circumvesuviana trains go every half hour to Pompeii (30 mins).
  • Getting to Pompeii or Herculaneum:  The Circumvesuviana trains that go to Sorrento, as outlined above, make a stop at the Pompeii Scavi station, located only about 100 yards from the entrance to the ruins (30 mins south from Naples). Before reaching Pompeii, the train makes a stop at Ercolano, where you can easily walk to the ruins of the Roman city of Herculaneum.

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